Variable size,, Degital image drawings , Jun IIzuka

This work is a reply to "Iquivalent", a masterpiece of  "Alfred Steglitz". Alfred Steglitz is a nineteenth-century photographer who has transformed photos into art. Analog era, which brought in a composition and looked up at the sky vertically, to an irregular existence. I replied to it. It samples satellite photos provided on the Internet and reconstructs the fictional sky with digital editing. It's like digital drawings and collages. With technology, I used the image acquired in a form to look down from the sky, and I returned from the present (the sky) to the past (the ground) to the silver film era which is ending.

The red texture is an image that simulates and visualizes the image floating in a dark room. We have less opportunity to see the picture being developed in a dark room. 

There are the words of the photographer who shoots with a film camera.

"The picture you see in the darkroom is the most beautiful in the world."


 Everything is just one "reproduction" "imitation".
In Japanese, the kanji "写真" called "photography" is used in the sense of "copying the truth." However, I am conscious of "light painting" which is the original meaning, and send a letter as a person living in the present age.

 © Jun Iizuka

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