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Jun Iizuka 2018-

1000mm*1000mm   Face acrylic mount

We are viewing a huge amount of images on the screen on a daily basis. The image in the present age has been consumed without consciousness to detail.Jun Iizuka's "1 / IMAGE"The color signal of the minimum unit constituting the digital image,It is a work making pixels (Picture Cell = photo cell) as a motif.This work is an approach to recall the feeling of "imagination" that we are forgetting in modern times by presenting the color extracted from some kind of image as a fragment of the image.


Jun Iizuka 2017 -

50mm*50mm  , Sculpture of plastic

Picture cell cube" is a cubic puzzle that will never be completed, reconstructed with pixel color of digital photograph. The act of processing and modifying digital photographs is just changing the pixels. To experience them, I made a seal with the same color as the pixel that constitutes the landscape photograph to the puzzle which is originally aiming for completion. Every time you change it you can move away from the original array of dyes and think about the existence of digital images in the present age.​ * Pixel (coined term from "picture cell" in English which means cell of photograph)
Is the smallest unit with color information (color tone and gradation) when dealing with images with computers.


Jun Iizuka 2014 -

photo books  and installation

The images shot by artist himself were re-shot as everyday records. Through re-shooting the memories, which are being forgotten, the concept of photo itself is reconsidered. This series is published from DOOKS as a process art.

Jun Iizuka 飯塚 純
18.2 x 12.8 cm, 366 pages,

Soft cover, On-demand print
Publication by DOOKS


Publisher Web Site







Jun Iizuka 2015 -


Face acrylic mount

I added the memories of the present as if I were interacting with a family album from the past. By confronting the images, I visualized recollections and false memories. This is because the me left in the family album is an accumulation of images through framing edited by my parents.


Jun IIzuka 2014 -

silver salt photo prints, about 40 images

L size print and photo book

A photo album, on the cover of which there is the description "STARDUST", was found in his deceased grand-father's belongings. Travel photos therein, shot by his grand-mother with his grand-father, were re-shot, and their time line was edited to add a story. Travel of gently recollecting the memories that were about to be forgotten. They were re-edited as a small photo album.

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